The Smart City Block

Facilitating the architecture of digital cities

Smart Cities Block is a conceptual model for designing smart cities

As an “All-in-one solution” it enables the representatives of smart cities to work with a single point of contact. The Smart City Block solution provides the Smart City Dashboard as one single interface by integrating different service providers via its InfoBroker technology. The solution takes care of managing, monitoring and controlling processes in the areas of mobility, environmental conditions and e-governance. The Smart City Block can be adapted in a flexible way to different geographical areas with different requirements and different levels of granularity.”



Smart Environment: Informing and reacting to environmental conditions (such as weather, air quality) to improve citizenships health and safety.

Smart Governance:  Providing services to citizens, tourists and managing the city infrastructures.

Smart Mobility: Optimized mobility for people and goods.



The size of the covered area can be flexibly adjusted according to local needs and budgets, existing Smart City Blocks can be merged to create a larger Smart City Areas.

Cities receive recommendations for the optimal setup of their Smart City Block(s) allowing them to initially start with smaller areas and to later combine them.

The components of the Smart City Block interact with each other in a standardized way so that a drag and drop feature will help even non-professional operators to configure a specific areas simply adding or removing functionalities.

Algorithms and AI combine (data from) microservices to realize specific value propositions, either autonomously or by providing decision support to to the operators analyzing the information flows and filtering and prioritizing alert.

Throughout the GDPR-compliant solution, relevant data is protected by encryption.

Smart City Block

All-in-one Solution

Each Smart City Block offers the necessary technology as a self-sufficient, all-in-one solution, including sensors, middleware, and web/mobile applications.

Variety of Applications

The data collected by sensors are processed to realize a variety of use cases in mobility, environment, and city e-governance.


Single blocks can be combined to cover larger digitized areas in a city. The modular nature of a Smart City Block allows it to fit various city infrastructures.

The Smart City Block Differentiators

All-in-one Solution

Fits local infrastructure

Low initial CAPEX

Start small, scale fast

Integrating many IoT standards

Easy to install and use

AI powered predictive analytics

Smart City Block

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