Taormina City Tech

Taormina Project


A total budget of more than € 1.1m has been invested for the creation of the Taormina City Tech solution (hardware and software). We focus on 3 main Smart City topics which best reflect our capabilities:

Smart Environment

Informing and reacting to environmental conditions (such as weather, air quality) in real-time in order to improve health, safety and efficiency. Services include:

-Smoke / fire monitoring
-Humidity and rainfall measurement
-Pollen, CO2, O3, PMx and pollution measurement

Smart Governance

Providing services to citizens, tourists and managing the city infrastructure. Services include:

-Managing public gatherings / social distancing
-Queues monitoring at local points of interest
-Live cameras streaming / protection against robberies and thefts

Smart Mobility

Optimized mobility for people and goods. Services include:

-Car accident / speed limit / traffic jams monitoring
-Emergency SOS (e.g. tunnel, other infrastructures)
-Parking and ZTL monitoring
-Installation of variable message panels
-Bus / shuttle tracking